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        ChatGPT: How to make the most of AI Mania?
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        Is Bard finally going to put Google back as the leader of AI?

        JP_mykayaplus joined discussion · 03/23 22:17
        Bard is finally here!

        If you are still unaware of what Bard is, it is put simply, Google's version of ChatGPT.
        Source: Bard
        Source: Bard
        A lot of people were painting the demise of $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ when ChatGPT made the headlines.
        Now even though Bard is not available yet in most parts of the world, here are some key facts about Google that you should remember prior to writing it off.
        1. Google Search is still the market leader
        Credits: statcounter
        Credits: statcounter
        Even though $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ has very smartly asked for users to subscribe to Bing Chat's waitlist by turning Edge into their default search browser, the very fact that Bard is now just around the corner means that there isn't that much time for Edge to miraculously chip off any market share from Google.
        2. YouTube is the world's 2nd most-used app
        Source: Company data/Business of Apps
        Source: Company data/Business of Apps
        YouTube is Google's best acquisition ever.
        For now.
        Of course, I still remember the days when YouTube videos were purely user-generated content with no ads.
        But when Google took over, it became yet another platform for Google to grow its ever-sprawling advertising business.
        But Google did make YouTube better. And we visit it almost daily.
        Even if Google Search is challenged by Bing, at least YouTube is safe.
        For now.
        3. Its cloud business is growing well
        Source: Alphabet Inc. 10-K
        Source: Alphabet Inc. 10-K
        One other growing shoot of Alphabet Inc is the Google Cloud vertical.
        This is the only vertical that is not ad-related and serves as an important vertical for Google to diversify away from advertising.
        If the cloud business grows big enough, it would be akin to Google having two aces on hand.
        Bard might not be here yet for most of us, but it is a timely counter-attack to Bing Chat.
        Thus, I am less worried about Google losing ground.
        But what do you think?
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        • luxcan : Microsoft has more grounds to make if it can incorporate chatgpt into its products. it is not necessary for bing to win Google in search.