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        Why there is still more for Apple to come?

        JP_mykayaplus wrote a column · 03/21 22:46
        It all seems like everything's back for tech as tech rallied while banks falter.
        $Apple(AAPL.US)$ is at YTD high prices as the market continues to be jittery.
        Even though most of us already know much about this company, here are 3 reasons that you might miss out on Apple's future
        1. iPhones and Macbooks can only become better
        Source: Counterpoint Research
        Source: Counterpoint Research
        Apple's iPhone is beyond just quality. From user experience, iOS, and even design, not many people have successfully escaped its walled gardens.
        From a non-iPhone user but investor perspective, it is without a doubt with Apple's silicone will continue to make its products better.
        2. Less geographical risk
        Source phots by Reuters and Rie Ishii
        Source phots by Reuters and Rie Ishii
        Source phots by Reuters and Rie Ishii
        Back when iPhone was mainly made in China, Apple's iPhone production suffered from supply disruptions during the pandemic.
        But now, tapping into India and Vietnam sees Apple in a much better position to manage future impending supply concentration risks.
        3. Neither cheap nor expensive now
        Apple might be hovering at its historical high now, but in terms of valuation, it's neither cheap nor expensive.
        Many would argue that a P/E of 25.36x above its mean of 24.24x means that Apple is at a premium.
        But do not forget we are talking about a company that is not only a consumer electronic stock but has evolved to become a semiconductor stock with subscription services as well.
        Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Food for thought!
        Visit for more investing-related content!
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