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Domingo Friggin Ramirez
commented on a stock03/19 07:04

Teresa post, repost

Credit u/comeflywithme2tm

We are Winning!

The week APE was issued, it had more FTDs then the NYSE had ever seen. I believe it's issuing had experienced 9 records on the US exchange. All of them related to foul play.

Speaking of foul play! AMC has more FTDs then the entire FAANG index put together. These are increasing despite a price value decreasing. This shows they are kicking the can and trying to get the price lower. Why? So people sell! BUT no one is selling and OBV shows that.

Speaking of no one selling! What do you do if no one is sellinv? Well, borrowing shares has costed as much as 1010%, and funds are paying it. Why would you pay 10× more to borrow something than to buy it? It immediately tells me 1) That their algos value it at more than 10× cost and 2) That it is cheaper to pay that interest than to even attempt to pay the current price being 10× lower.

Speaking of lending! Banks and brokers are advertising lending to get a guaranteed 107% (Fidelity post). Tells one the value is worth a bank guarantee 103% more than a US treasury bond 'guarantee'. BUT watch out. They have no obligation to fulfill this guarantee as "A guarantee is only as good as the person making it to you". They have in terms and conditions that they can fuck you. You've been warned. Turn off share lending.

Speaking of share-lending! Brokers and banks have turned it back 'on' for some people. "Whoopsies! Musta been that update. We'll get that fixed for you" is what they say. They do this to get 1000%+ interest that they give you a 10% cut on. They need the money.

Speaking of money and its backing! Precious metals are the safety shield of the world. We own a gold mine. Hycroft. Their shares hit 100% utilization in the 'one day bank crash' and while gold soared, hycroft delayed launch. Because it was attacked. So why attack a stock when everything is bleeding? It's because it's a domino to AMC. Allow Hycroft to run, AMC runs. In order to attack AMC, they have to attack everything it owns. These attacks only happened to Hycroft. And they have only been happening since AMC bought it.

Speaking of those attacks! Small hedge funds that failed passed on their debt to bigger hedge funds. Those funds failed and passed on their debt to Credit Suisse. A bank that said we were worth 95 cents and begged people to sell. Well, they are in the hospital bed and donating organs to them is the Swiss National Bank, that posted a loss of 132.5 billion last quarter. The SNB cannot possibly have a balance sheet that is better than a negative net of 150 billion. All their assets are bleeding and they just lent out tens of billions!?

Speaking of bleeding to help each other? The big banks are colluding to save the small banks! Geeze I have only seen this after 1987, 2000, 2008. Where do most of these banks get money? Investments in securities and mortgages. All securities are bleeding and the go-to is treasuries. No one wants to buy right now becuase they know all stocks are being funded by printing money and foul play with other funding. 95+% of mortgages issued are at rates lower than current, which means that no one is signing new mortgages. They switched the stats from "Mortgages issued" to "Houses Developing", because that number doesn't look as bad due to developers being obligated to build from contracts made over a year, opposed to "Mortgages Issued". The housing costs and rates are unsustainable and unable to fund the markets at this time.

Speaking of funding markets! Printing money reduces its value! It creates inflation! To beat that, they raise interest rates, to slow down spending. But uh oh! They need to fund markets so they don't crash! So they give it to banks. Their stock goes up for a day or so, people exit knowing it's synthetic and the banks stock drops again. The death spiral. Once people lose their jobs in droves, they won't have enough tax payers to fund their hierarchy allegiance to the banks.

Speaking of jobs! Over 1 Million Women have not returned to full 40 hour work weeks since the pandemic. Millenials and Gen Zs are working more jobs, BUT getting less total money. Boomers are spending less for a soft landing in retirement, which as the biggest holder of wealth affects business and adversely affects jobs from decreased spending. Boomers are a large part of the population and once they retire, those large amount of withdrawals are going to cripple smaller plans, resulting in job losses. There's also AI, which is going to take away jobs! This pain isn't going to be short for the job market!

Speaking of Short! The FED, banks, and other people in power are going to get a massive dose of the abuse we have incurred from AMC short sellers. They protected the short sellers when markets were Ok and they were trying to pick on a 'meme stock', but now short sellers are salivating at the banks. They have had a clear-go until now. They have all the infrastructure to crush the banks with ruthless shorting. They know FED plans before they happen. It is so much easier to destroy than to create. They have a financial incentive to destroy. Short selling is going to brutalize the banking world.

AMC investors are the battle-hardened investors that make Wallstreet panic. We post fake news to laugh at, we post bank failures that drug our name in the dirt, we find their fake accounts, we do our due dillegence on everything, and we don't sell. We are 4+ million strong. That's more investors than the populations of more than 100 countries! We have a high margin popcorn product in Walmart, a Gold/Silver mine, an advertising company, and we are owners of the largest theater chain in the USA. The sun always shines on AMC shareholders because we stretch across the planet. We don't care if people are different here! We are not just financially smart! AMC owners are welders, doctors, electricians, accountants, truckers, crew workers, nurses, office administrators, writers, teachers, students, etc. Etc. Etc. We have different goals, but only one way to get there - collect the money that is rightfully ours!

Love you Apes!
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  • NjD NjD : Noone is selling AMC. No other stock worries them to death and only matter of time all crimes will be exposed - cause and effect