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        Monthly Journal: Traders' Insights Wanted!
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        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023

        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Earlier in February, both S&P 500 and Nasdaq soared to about five-month highs as Meta led a rally in the tech sector. However, the good times did not last long. Elevated valuations for overall US stocks, poor financial reports during earnings season, and rising interest rates left little room for future gains. Major indexes fell following the release of hotter-than-expected data on the labor market and consumer spending in mid-Feb.
        Monthly Buzz
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Traders' Insights
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Earnings Roundup
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
        Mooer Stories x 10 Star Features
        Let's review mooers' favorite moomoo features and their experiences of using them.
        Moo Community Spotlight for February 2023
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        Words of Wisdom
        Sometimes, trading could be an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes, fear and greed could create overreactions that lead to bad trading decisions. Therefore, when facing losses or setbacks, it's really important to stay motivated and resilient.
        MicrophoneHave you encountered any psychological challenges when you trade?
        If you have, how did you solve them?
        Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. We will select 10 mooers whose comments are in-depth and on-topic to reward each with 200 points.
        Disclaimer: This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • PREMOSULTRAA : When dealing with trading in an objective way, we can see where we have erred and attempt to fix it for next time. If we exit a trade too early in a move, we can adjust our exit criteria by looking at a longer time frame or by using a different indicator. However, when we have a solid trading plan and are still losing money, we need to look at ourselves and our own psychology for a solution.

        • DreamMighty : The key is to be aware and recognize that all people are likely to suffer from these quirks, including you. Knowing your limitations is the first step. Then, craft an objective plan or strategy and stick with it.

        • steady Pom pipi : Have you experienced any psychological challenges while trading?
          Yes, the biggest psychological challenge is facing the mentality of greed and the fear of loss. I discovered that the more I did, the more wrong results I got, and now I'm trying to reduce the number of transactions to reduce the occurrence of errors.undefinedundefinedundefined
          👉A disappointing year

        • BeckyBoo : It is important to stay neutral after losses and not to become emotional.

        • MACKGforEver : Trading is 80% mindset and 20% knowledge.

        • sociable Dingo_8604 : Have you encountered any psychological challenges when you trade?
          Yes, as oddly as it seems, when I think the dip is at the lowest, I buy a stock, and the price always drops further. Then fear creeps in because my principal now becomes negative. Back in my mind, I would become anxious and worried. I have to tell myself countless times to calm down and watch the trend before I take any action.
          If you have, how did you solve them?
          Always ensure I have sufficient funds on hand to DCA when the price drops further instead of selling at a lower price when I bought at a high. Takes alot of practice and patience for me. And also, do not let greed overcome me. If the price goes up, take profits and watch the trend again. Sometimes, the price will drop again and I will miss the chance to sell. However, if my intention is for long term, then I would tell myself not to be bothered by the price movements. Trust the company, DYODD.

        • Shaaaw : Outcome of the trade doesn’t affect my emotions anymore. It took me a lot of time and effort to get to this state of mind, and I know I have a long road in front of me. I am aware that I can’t win all the trades I take and winning or losing is just a probability game. Whenever I enter a trade, I usually write down the logic of executing the trade and the risk associated with the trade.

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack : An unused feature that I enjoy using is the portfolio. What better way to find all the top stocks of an investor you follow. This will also give you an idea of how well their choices in investments are doing in the market. It does have a few bugs in it like when $HUB Cyber Security(HUBC.US)$ merged it stuck the acquisition company in my portfolio so I couldn't remove it and it's percentage so I had to delete the entire portfolio. It can also be used to see how well you are doing against everyone else although most aren't really using it like that. My portfolio this week has: $SatixFy Communications(SATX.US)$ $Dragonfly Energy(DFLI.US)$ $Secoo(SECO.US)$ $Galectin Therapeutics(GALT.US)$ $AlTi Global(ALTI.US)$ so far for this week but it can change at any time just like the market.

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack Mcsnacks H Tupack: Make that the Paperfolio. They are my Moofolios. 🤔😂

        • 费北敬 : Play save during this volatile market. Shares are manipulating by FED speech. They're the dealer.

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