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        Moo Social: Beware of Spam and Scams

        Moomoo Lily wrote a column · 03/03 18:30
        Dear mooers,

        The Moo Community has always been committed to building a safe, comfortable platform and strives to nurture an authentic, diverse, and caring atmosphere. In the Moo Community, we encourage you to share your insights and discuss with others with an open mind to different views.

        However, recently, some scammers emerging in the community seemed to disrupt such an atmosphere. Lily noticed that some users have run foul of the Moo community standards and violated the values we advocate, bringing negative influence to other users.

        Here are some red flags to identify those stock spammers.

        Keep Fighting 1. Common behavior

        At first, they try to gain mooers' trust by analyzing stocks and sharing investment views in the community. After gaining trust, they ask or lead mooers to add them as friends.

        Then, in private chat or group chat, they persuade mooers to add their personal accounts on third-party platforms, such as WhatsApp, Line,or WeChat.

        Finally, on third-party platforms, spammers try to defraud mooers of their money, such as bitcoins, by recommending investment products or other investment platforms.
        Screenshot from a mooer
        Screenshot from a mooer

        Hammer 2. Social accounts
        Most of those spammers are newly registered users with no trading badges and little published content.
        Moo Social: Beware of Spam and Scams
        For more details about badges, please see What is a badge.

        Kind reminders from Lily:

        1. Be careful when accepting friend requests from people you don't know
        Be wary of friend requests from third-party platforms like WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Discord, or WeChat.

        2. Take precautions to protect your privacy and property
        Do not blindly follow others for their direct or disguised promises of gain. Investment requires caution.

        How to report?
        If you find suspicious violators in the community, you can report them by:
        1. Tapping on the "Report" button
        2. Contacting @Moomoo Lily, the community administrator

        Lily hopes that the content in the Moo Community is authentic, which helps create a good community atmosphere. For any violation of Moo community standards, corresponding punishment will be meted out, including blocking inappropriate content and temporarily or permanently suspending relevant accounts based on the severity of the violation.

        With joint efforts, we can build a harmonious and safe community! Keep Fighting

        Disclaimer: This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.

        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • Stock Watch :

        • kkkucia : Cool Guy

        • 桃太娘 : AwesomeAwesomeAwesome

        • doctorpot1 : Thanks @Moomoo Lily, had shared with 13 groups totalling thousands of mooers in those groups Joyful hope everyone will read and be more careful

        • Milk The Cow : Finally, some guide to sort spammers (eg.2) out with badge to certain extent (Had mentioned in the past) GrinThumbs Up.
          For me, am not so kind.
          I encouraged victims to has the courageous stand out to forward their messages to moomoo team & I hope moomoo team will cooperate with the police 🚔 to track down all those scammers (eg.1) with their respective ID of registration in the respective countries if allows to.
          One of the many reasons is that those scammers are disrupting moomoo businesses & affecting moomoo's customers in the negative way Smart & I deemed it as a high level of crimes (eg.1).
          I want them to be eliminated Sly.
          Any unknown external link, if unsure, verify with the moomoo Counter Service (CS) 1st Smart.

        • 102774187 : haii guys

        • Renaldi : gh

        • 101673309 : good

        • Renaldi : g

        • happier111 : thank you lily

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