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        When facing a stock market crash, what will you do?
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        Form 13F filing period arrives! Wall Street Capital profits from Chinese stocks

        To the Moo joined discussion · 02/21 19:08
        Recently, major institutions filed 13F reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), disclosing their holdings and the size of their positions in U.S. stocks during the fourth quarter.
        It is worth noting that large Wall Street private equity funds are buying Chinese stocks on a large scale, and the allocation strategy for Chinese stocks has gradually shifted from [underweight] to [Neutral]! Shhh
        Michael Burry, a well-known hedge fund manager and the prototype of "The Big Short", increased his position of 75,000 shares of and 50,000 shares of Alibaba, accounting for 9.46% and 9.05% of his portfolio respectively.
        Farallon Capital Management increased its stake in Alibaba by 2.197 million shares.
        Colorado Capital Management Inc. increased its holdings in Alibaba by more than 4,796,100 shares and in Jingdong by 1,221,500 shares.
        Among the top five stocks that Kingwood Capital added to its holdings are three Chinese stocks: PDD Holdings,, and Kanzhun.
        Form 13F filing period arrives! Wall Street Capital profits from Chinese stocks
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        Not only the above-mentioned well-known hedge funds, but also Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other investment banks' proprietary departments quietly increased their positions in Chinese stocks in the fourth quarter of last year.
        Investment sentiment for Chinese stocks continues to improveBalloon
        The enthusiasm of Wall Street capital for China asset allocation this year is obviously higher than before, mainly because.
        1. China's economic fundamentals continue to improve, resulting in a significant rebound in valuations for Chinese stocks.
        2. The effective resolution of the Chinese stock delisting controversy has driven Wall Street capital to cover their short positions in Chinese stocks.
        3. After the sharp decline in U.S. technology stocks last year, low-valued technology stocks are increasingly becoming a hedge asset and a source of high yield in the eyes of hedge funds.
        The gradual improvement of the Chinese stock market is attracting more and more Wall Street funds to continue to pour into Chinese stocks!
        Whether it is Michael Burry, or Farallon Capital and Kotu Capital, as long as the four quarter bold plunge Chinese shares of Wall Street hedge funds are reaping the huge dividends of the capital influx of Chinese assets since the beginning of the year.
        Since October last year, the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index has risen by about 60%^, and so far this year, Alibaba and other Chinese stocks have risen by more than 18%^. Cool Guy
        Form 13F filing period arrives! Wall Street Capital profits from Chinese stocks
        A Wall Street hedge fund manager said: "I started to increase my position in Chinese stocks in December last year, and the investment return so far is about 26%^! Some hedge funds have plunged into Chinese stocks since the end of the third quarter of last year and have accumulated returns of over 70%^ since then.Respect
        Some sharp Wall Street capital simply "make a big deal out of a small one" - buying bullish options on Chinese ETFs linked to Chinese stocks to get more lucrative returns.
        At the end of last year, the number of open call options on a number of US-listed China ETFs such as FXI, MCHI and KWEB hit the highest value in the past year.
        Form 13F filing period arrives! Wall Street Capital profits from Chinese stocks
        The reporter has suggested that the overall return on investment of Chinese concept stocks bought by Wall Street capital is "rising", and thus creating a greater profit-making effect. This will potentially attract more Wall Street capital to continue to pour into Chinese concept stocks!
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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