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        Guess the Stock
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        Guess the stock S20|ChatGPT Mania

        Bill Gates believes ChatGPT, a chatbot that gives human-like responses to user queries, is as significant as the PC and the Internet, two major tech evolutions that happened in the past. Without further ado, let’s dive into companies that may lead or gain from this trend.
        Case 1:
        Despite the short-term headwinds and sell-offs in the semiconductor industry, the company is expected by analysts to be a winner from ChatGPT Hype with growing demand and a long runway.
        Guess the stock S20|ChatGPT Mania
        Case 2:
        The company, used to be known as one of the BAT of China's Internet market, disclosed its version of ChatGPT to complete internal testing in March. It also launched its first educational hardware equipped with ChatGPT-like technology.
        Guess the stock S20|ChatGPT Mania
        Case 3:
        The company has a chance to be one of the biggest winners in the game of AI. After the announcement of a combination of Bing and ChatGPT, the number of downloads of Bing rocketed 10 times in a single day.
        Guess the stock S20|ChatGPT Mania
        How to attend?
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        Event Duration: Feb 10-12
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