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        Will Tesla make a low cost electric vehicle?

        Will Tesla make a low cost electric vehicle?
        160,000 RMB Model Q launch within the year? Tesla China:The news is not true, there is no information about any new models
        Tesla's new model, the Model Q, will be officially launched in 2023 and will be powered by BYD Blade batteries. Unlike the current Tesla main sales electric car models Model 3 and Model Y, the price of ModeQ will be sunk to $24,990 (about 160,000 RMB), the main competitors in the same class covers BYD, XPEV and other Chinese new energy car companies main models. In this regard, Tesla China related people ten January 31 response to the SSE reporter said that this is untrue news, there is no information on the new model.
        On January 6, Tesla announced a price adjustment for the Model 3 and Model Y, the two main models sold in the Chinese market, with a maximum price reduction of 48,000 yuan. The starting price of the Model 3 was reduced to 229,900 RMB and the starting price of the Model Y was reduced to 259,900 RMB. Tesla's price cut triggered a chain reaction in the new energy market, with a number of Chinese new energy car companies following suit with price cuts, or disguised price cuts through concessions.
        After the price reduction, will you wanna buy an oil or electric car?
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