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Moomoo US
wrote a post01/13 18:18

[US Markets Closure Notice] Stock Markets Will Stay Closed on Jan 16, 2023, Monday, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dear mooers,
Please allow us to kindly remind you that the US Stock Markets will be closed on next Monday, January 16, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Trading will resume on Jan 17, 2023, Tuesday.
US Markets Closure Notice for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day
US Markets Closure Notice for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day
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  • 70784737 : Headline was significantly more important prior to opening the notification

  • ColeRobison : Hello 1st comment

  • ColeRobison ColeRobison: Well I guess 2nd comment

  • 谨小慎微的格罗佛 : 为什么

  • RFlowers : Is there any potential benefit that anyone takes away from this? Possible short or niche market boom?

  • ColeRobison : Anyways have the best Martin Luther king jr day ever!!! Stop racism!! I had a dream that one day little black boys and little black girls will walk hand in hand with little white boys and little white girls .  Unfortunately Dr Martin Luther king is in heaven still waiting for that dream to come true - we are more divided than ever it’s just sad and the democrats have had a lot to do with it

  • sincere Llama_1038 ColeRobison: well my white son married a black girl, would that count or would the honorable dr king object?

  • Romez Trenton : oh how times have changed

  • Kirthly sincere Llama_1038: hello.  I say yes.  That's a prime example of truly knowing someone,..they love each other,..and that's just it. They don't see anything else and therefore they have no blockage when it comes to just loving each other.
    You're blessed to be a part of the balance. Be well and enjoy.

  • RJBoy RFlowers: I think just be aware the market is closed and that little trading will get done in America markets. Some significant market activity could happen on Tuesday since the market will be closed on Monday.

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