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        Let's witness the moment of wish fulfillment together
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        Let's witness the moment...

        oh that original post made me cry a little dammit!WorshipWorshipWorship
        you guys at Futu and Moomoo are AMAZING!
        Make a Wish is huge here in Oz...  Make-A-Wish Australia | Creating Life-Changing Wishes
        My twins were very premature, very tiny.. and spent 2 months in Nepean Hospital NICU (neonatal intensive care). Nepean Hospital (NICU) - Miracle Babies
        Introducing : "Skye Mary" @Nepean NICU approx 1month old
        Introducing : "Skye Mary" @Nepean NICU approx 1month old
        Allison Nina "Ally"  1mth old Nepean NICU Just removed  C-Pap mask  to see her face for 1st time!!
        Allison Nina "Ally" 1mth old Nepean NICU Just removed C-Pap mask to see her face for 1st time!!
        Let's witness the moment...
        Let's witness the moment...
        Miss Ally Nina
        Miss Ally Nina
        Miss Skye Mary
        Miss Skye Mary
        Which means I spent 2months+ in that unit- first 2 weeks I never left then last 6+ weeks I still spent 19+hrs a day there. They went through surgeries and transfusions among other things but were very lucky overall. I saw too much grief and trauma being in the units all day everyday 💔 😔 But we were lucky. They came home at 2 months old, still a month before they were even due to be born!! Small but healthy. My niece was born only 17weeks earlier than my girls.... As you can see at 2.5mths old my girls still look a week old in comparison lol!
        Let's witness the moment...
        They are now happy and healthy, keep me on my toes!!I got to know a lot of parents and families very well, all with very ill children. My time in there was so very long, but I felt blessed as many families had been there for much much longer and been through/going through much worse.
        Make A Wish Foundation donating items and creating a playrooms in some of the children's units in Western Sydney. Such as games  books, TV screen x2 with playstations x2!!!  huge dress up box full of costumes, superheroes to princesses they thought of everything!!GiftWorshipHeartHugGift
        Ronald McDonald House/Foundation Our chapters | Western Sydney | RMHC Australia , RMHC Australia | AND the hospital itself providing travel and motel vouchers or limited accommodation for families that live too far to travel 👪 Hospitals shouldn't have to do that, I even saw a lovely nurse give $20 out of her own pocket so an exhausted family could get a cab to their room at 3am. They were ready to walk it.... thank God for alllllll the nursing staff who care, genuinely care, about these kids AND their families.  Maybe Moo could look into that too? their resources are very stretched. Too many kids spend too long in hospital afraid, isolated and alone simply because there is not enough temporary accommodation for their parents or family to stay with them or be close by.  At a time they're needed the most.
        It blows my mind that Futu and Moomoo are involved and invested in things like Make a Wish...
        it shouldn't surprise me though, Moo is always interested in any and all feedbackWorship and they are very forward thinking 🌏 honestly, Kudos to you guys!!!!! HugHeart
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        • MooMamaLlamaOP : They fought so hard to be here! they, and my older girls, are the reason I am doing this. I started as a hobby, playing with crypto...
          quickly learned that's more like lotto. So.. switched to stocks. Was originally on other platforms but Moomoo is my daily go to now(well, every half hr go to lol) and am slowly moving all assets over here.
          Since finding Moo, I really see the differences in platforms is outrageous! here I not only have all the info and education I want, but I am now part of an amazing community of like minded and helpful people.

          Our ComMoonity is made up of newbies, old hands, Technical traders that post analysis daily on everything from blue chips to IPO's, Investors who prefer Fundamental Analysis and tend to post newsworthy articles and analysis for long positions, TA traders who go for short positions,and those that dabble in a bit of everything like myself-those who like to help, and also soak up all the extra knowledge I can
          Together we make up the Moo Army!!!

        • TheWhiteCrow : Well I was scanning for stock info and seen your post. All I have to say is Bless both you and those lil kiddos. It melts my heart knowing they fought their way through the hard part. When babies have to fight for life so early I believe they grow up naturally strong and fighters. As a paramedic I delivered 3 babies so far, and I have 4 kids of my own and children are the most amazing creations. I’m no Bible thumper or anything but children are blessings, especially babies that fight their way like yours did. You have two very strong and amazing beings. They are lucky to have a strong parent to fight beside them. Congratulations to you and them. Happy birthday lil ones. Ok, now they are over a week, time to get them into a stock broker school!! Lol. Just kidding. But again, congratulations and than you for posting that.

        • MooMamaLlamaOP TheWhiteCrow: that made my day xxx
          So you're a paramedic???? its you and your colleagues I have to thank for my girls safe arrival! labour onset was so fast, I was a day shy from being 6mths along... long story short we called 000 because by the time I realised it was actual labour (yes it's possible to not realise..water didn't break, it was too early, and being twins that used to do flipping somersaults inside it was ALWAYS excruciating!) one was crowning!!!) it was too late to get myself to hospital. They were preppung to deliver on my lounge room floor until thay asked gestation.... well being so premature that changed things asap! they said forget the towels get on the stretcher lol. luckily I lived on the main highway so it was a straight 6min shot to the neonatal unit (usually 15min but sirens help haha)
          the paramedics were amazing, just them and I in the ambulance and I was terrified I was losing g my girls but they were very reassuring. even trying to make me laugh "cross your legs for 5 more minutes were nearly there" then a quick exam and "nope I see a head cross them harder" lol. they were so calm and reassuring my sheer terror subsided to general terror 😉
          Thank you for all you've done. I believe, like veterans, that first responders don't get enough thanks. you guys are always the first there at the scene of many peoples nightmares and always remain cool,calm, and collected. in public anyway,I've no doubt  you've seen things that follow you home and stay in your thoughts.. that's why I believe you and other first responders deserve all the praise we can possibly give!! thank you for all your service 🙏 ❤️

        • TheWhiteCrow MooMamaLlamaOP: Thank you for all the kind words. And actually I was a combat medic in Iraq, that’s why I continued emergency medicine when I returned home. But get this…. I got home obtained my paramedic, my first job my first call was a pregnant woman possible labor, well we get there and ( just like you) no water broken nothing, but contractions were rolling pretty good, we got her down to the ambulance and sense no water was broken we began our ride to the hospital, hospital was a 20 min ride, well I began my evaluation and looked and sure as shit, she crowned. You said you dialed 000 so I take it your in Europe? Not sure how it works there or the laws but here, if a woman is actively giving birth we have to pull over and deliver. No if ands or buts. So ya my first call ever as a medic was a baby. At our ambulance whenever a baby is born on board they put a stork sticker on the side. I have more storks than all the ambulance companies combined just from me lol. In Iraq I was hit by a ied and was in bad situations but delivered my first baby was more terrifying than any of that.  But it does take a certain type of person to be a medic. I’ve seen many come and go because they like lights and sirens but when it comes to thinking in a bad situation they freeze.  But like I said earlier, I logged on moo today like I always do with a million numbers in my head and I seen your post and it made my day knowing two little warriors came into the world swinging. Because being that premature is a very tough obstacle to overcome. But again thank you for the kind words, I don’t do my job for recognition or even thanks I do it because I believe everyone has a bad (or hood depending on the view) and deserves someone there to help them through that situation. I’m glad to hear you had a set of good medics there to help you and those lil ones through that hard situation. I hope they continue to grow and prosper. Keep them close because they truly are miracles in every way.  

        • doctorpot1 : glad that your babies are healthy and doing well JoyfulJoyful the ICU stay must have cost a bomb SobSob but I guess health is still more important than wealth Joyful hope that they grow up strong and healthy, and also smart and beautiful like their mommy CheerleadCheerlead

        • MooMamaLlamaOP doctorpot1: thank you WorshipHugtheyre 11 now, ever more smart and beautiful everyday!!

        • MooMamaLlamaOP TheWhiteCrow: wow....Much Respect and Admiration!!! For your service of course, but going through all of that is heavy and to come out of it with such an attitude.. " everyone deserves someone to help them" is something that will stick with me xx
          Nope, 000 is Australia 🇦🇺 we are lucky with a decent medical system but it's the staff that make it. The Nic Unit, like Emergency and Trauma, are incredible. Not only expected to physically do the trained job, but also dealing with other people's dreams or worst nightmares, or like me the dreams that turn into nightmares then back to the dreams thanks to the staff.... you'd get what I mean? But emotional and mental exhaustion would always be a threat to not being able to do the job eventually, as you said they like the sound of it but when faced with something big they can freeze...thankfully there's always more than one in attendance, and medics are human, sometimes they need a little help too xx  I think I'm too emotional?!

        • Wacho-el-Wero : Cheers fam! In every little thing that you do!

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