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        To call? Or real APE?

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        • Sam The Greater : He made ALL his money killing the squeeze twice.. He planned out his retirement estate on the backs of apes.. retail saved amc, and AA killed the apes. He had puts to zero before 2021 when it was under 2.00.. He never wanted apes to save AMC.. no new movies coming out, that should tell u everything..

        • TacticalYoda Sam The Greater: The puts to zero is an investor move. When your value is being pummeled, one makes hedge trades. I don’t fault him for that. Be honest Sam, is knowing what your enemy is doing and finding a way to save some of your future in the event you cannot stop them an act of betrayal in any level? I see the possibility of a CEO / investor looking for a way to stay alive.

        • 102475142 : An idiot who thinks us as idiots. Desperate to mention "I'm an Ape too", "the shareholders are my boss", etc. in every media interview last 2 years.

          What a con artist. No salary,  my salary is my stocks my ass.

          Con artist. Be aware. Do dd on this schmuck and you'll know.

        • xXSavage_Red_PandaXx : definitely a liarq

        • xXSavage_Red_PandaXx TacticalYoda: AA is con artist plan and simple more reasons to short it to 0

        • Expendabiggles : Liar