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        2022 Recap: The worst, the best, and the stories behind
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        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year

        Hi, mooers. Welcome to our 2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year 2022. Are you ready? We are about to reveal the most influential mooers in the Moo community this year!Cheerlead
        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year
        As we head toward 2023, let's first look back on who has influenced and inspired us all along the way. This post will unveil The Most Followed and The Most Engaged mooers in 2022. Besides, we've also prepared a Special Nomination list to help you get acquainted with the impressive mooers. Check it out!
        CheersMooers of the Year 2022
        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year
        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year
        MicrophoneSpecial Nomination
        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year
        Gift Bonus
        1. A 'Mooer of 2022' medal for mooers on The Most Followed & The Most Engaged lists
        2. 2,022 points for all mooers on the lists. Mooers on all three lists can get up to 6,066 points!
        *Please note that mooers on both lists can only get one medal.
        *The rewards will be distributed to your account within 15–30 working days from now on. Please stay tuned.
        Although only a small number of mooers are on the lists, all of you must have made a great contribution to our community in 2022. Thank you all for your efforts. Let's keep sharing great insights and wonderful moments with others in the years to come.Heart
        🎉 Event: Send thank-you notes
        As the end of the year draws closer, it's a perfect time to express gratitude to the important people in your life. Comment below to name mooers you wanna appreciate in 2022 and send your thank-you notes to them. You may tell them how valuable their investing tips are, how much their support means to you when you suffer losses, or how joyful you are when both of you have great returns. Share your story with us to get rewarded!
        Gift Bonus
        1. 22 points for all participants with relevant comments
        *Only mooers who make a relevant 22-word-plus comment on this post will be eligible for our rewards.
        *Content should be original and reasonable.
        2. 222 points for the top 10 comments (regarding the posts' quality, originality, creativity, and influence)
        Duration: Now to Jan 15, 23:59 SGT. Don't hesitate to drop a comment now!
        Although changes seem to be always on the way, how we embrace them is what defines our future. No one can predict what the future holds for us, but there is one thing we know for sure: We will support and cheer each other up every step of the way. So let's embrace 2023 together. Together toward the better!Cheers
        2022 Recap: Mooers of the Year
        This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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