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        2022 Recap: The worst, the best, and the stories behind
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        2022 Recap: Features of the Year

        Key features: Earnings reports, Instant messages etc.
        Key features: Earnings reports, Instant messages etc.
        Hi, mooers! Rose
        2022 is coming to an end. What a year!
        If you have no idea what happened to moomoo this year, don't miss out on this post. Here come the Features of the Year!

        Part I: Features of the Year Cool
        Earnings report
        Earnings report
        Industrial chain
        Industrial chain
        Lite trading mode
        Lite trading mode
        Instant message
        Instant message
        Study plan
        Study plan
        Assets analysis
        Assets analysis

        Part II: Name your favorite moomoo feature Joyful
        After all, Team moomoo believes that every one of you must already have an answer to "Which is the best feature of moomoo". Now, it's time to say it out loud. Comment below and name your favorite moomoo feature. And it would be awesome if you tell us why! Here are more details.

        22 points for all participants with relevant comments
        222 points for the top 10 comments (regarding post quality, originality, creativity, and influence)
        *All mooers can only be rewarded once. Plagiarism is never welcome.

        This event starts now and ends at 23:59 (SGT) on Jan 5.
        By the way, some of us might have been waiting so restlessly for Christmas. Now the countdown is on!
        Santa Moo is on his way! Wow
        Get ready, mooers! Chuckle

        Disclaimer: This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this Link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • steady Pom pipi : 最佳功能是moomoo图书馆-moomoo课堂

        • KitFund : 当然是cash plus 和 smart save 啊!来的非常及时,新币现在都4%以上、赚钱的功能嘴实在、也帮助moomoo实现基金管理突破50亿!

        • Mooon : Double AA to “Assets Analysis”! It allows me to track my PnL very clearly. The “net inflow” figure is really useful to see how much I have pumped into moomoo app so far. Hopefully, one day it will become “negative net inflow”, that would mean I have drawn out initial capital and just trading with profits! Grin

        • KingNY-Life : 2022悲惨的一年,所有人都亏钱

        • meruson : i love the chats feature the most. the others are great additions too. merci beaucoup.

        • ZFRacing85 : AA to "Assets Analysis" makes it so much easier to see your money and if your up or down on a stock and kr your account.  but then there's the comparable option where you can see Stocks side by side and see what ones is right for you! Thank you Moo Moo and Mooers this is my first year with this platform and I definitely like all the options and how easy they are to use and find thank you Team!!!

        • IcySilver : For me, the Industrial Chain is a very useful feature to help me identify related stocks within a bullish industry. For example, in EV industry, what other essentials within it

        • 102392341 : To me, I like the study plan feature. It has consolidated some of the common knowledge and topics that a beginner investor should be equipped. It is really an added boost to novice investors who are new and be able to start out with something simple for basic understanding. After that, if he needs more information, he can then explore more on his own elsewhere.

        • ru1too : Pre and After market reporting

        • David W Clark : I enjoy the Study Plan.  I like the feature of a new or different learning activity that is put in the daily task tab.  Yes, even with many repeats it is still very good as learning happens with repetition.  It's also great how these daily learning activities support the new functions on the MooMoo app.
          Thanks for all you do to keep making MooMoo better.  But just remember, sometimes too much change just to look like you getting better.  Is NOT ALWAYS BETTER AND OR USEFUL.

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