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commented on a stock12/02/2022 18:54

$SATS(S58.SG)$ SATS said it would raise up to S$800 million via a reno...

$SATS(S58.SG)$ SATS said it would raise up to S$800 million via a renounceable underwritten rights issue to partially fund its acquisition of air cargo handler Worldwide Flight Services (WFSThe rights issue is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year and is subject to “conducive market conditions” and the satisfaction of regulatory approvals.
Details of the issue, including pricing, have not yet been finalised. .
Can't even decide the pricing after months of the acquisition announcement .... bad...no good
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  • snoopy123 : maybe they testing water to check market acceptance to 800m equity... if ok, then they announce the price.. (one step at a time)...
    otherwise kena scold until "cao tao" (smelly head) like last time when they announce WPS acquisition plans..

  • Stock WatchOP snoopy123: Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

  • 101754615 snoopy123: Maybe they have learnt their lesson after their ill-advised and vague statement about rights issue in Oct caused their share price to tank 30% Lol

  • Small bull : They are afraid of the market and they are uncertain (low IQ). They cannot make such decision, they only can propose, then SIA approve to be submit to Temasek. At the end, Ho Ching decides. FTX also decided by her. All major decisions are decided by her after LKY passed away.

  • Stock WatchOP Small bull: as long  make money for SG ..

  • Small bull Stock WatchOP: FTX busted. Temasek write off $377 millions. Ho Ching said only little money.

  • Stock WatchOP Small bull: is little and normal... we lose and win in trading too

  • Small bull Stock WatchOP: wrong. FTX case is stupid, fall into a young man with nothing but scams empty she'll company. It showed they invest without checking on any simple basic information at all. I think the investment decision is made due to gossiping and FTX boss's parents at high status.

  • Stock WatchOP Small bull: just like everyone,  thinking the coin will make huge money

  • Small bull Stock WatchOP: The problem not lies only coin. She made so many wrong decisions and she is not even suitable on this position. She is not even in this trade.
    Whenever she made big lost decisions, she would give these stupid excuses and remarks.
    She even said that exNKF boss who made golden tap for his toilet basin deserves to earn that millions from NKF yearly. We donated to NKF with our blood money! Later someone sat that seat and said he don't need any salary, haha

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