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Feature Review: What is your most used "Trading Notes" feature?
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joined discussion12/01/2022 20:57

individual stock tracking

1. i would like to be able to just track an individual stock, the overall gains/losses, trade marking is nice. would be good to have option to have ave buy and sell price lines. i don't find the graphic for buy and sell for the stock useful especially when there are dozens of buy and sell transactions. there will be dozens of graphics. not meaningful... it would be nice if trading notes can have the function to capture overall asset gains. then don't have to screenshot from the my assets page to add into notes. would be great to have option to show % only and not actual values.  good for privacy when sharing trade statistics.
2. i'm living in Vietnam and i have to switch on vpn to access this topic, is there a need to do region exclusion? moomoo isn't even operating in Vietnam right?
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