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Feature Review: What is your most used "Trading Notes" feature?
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allen kidd
joined discussion11/30/2022 12:35

P/L future is my most used tool on moom

P/L future is my most used tool on moom
profit / loss is good information to know about your investment.  This stock for example has a stock value of  $78.43 but my profit on the stock is $217.46. Without the P/L future there it would be a lot more difficult to figure out all of my profits/ loss for all of my investments.  I probably use that future the most.  Thanks moomoo for making investing easier!
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  • Violets : moomoo is the best platform in my opinion. are they still closing your options at 12:00 California time on expiration date. that was the only down thing for me.

  • allen kiddOP Violets: I haven't invested in options yet,  I'm learning about options right now so maybe around tax time I'll be comfortable enough to dabble around with options.  I do agree that moomoo is the best trading platform.