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wrote a post11/25/2022 15:30

Disney rumors

There are Rumors since Bob Iger cameback that Disney will get bought out. I have mentioned that a possibility of some kind of merger would probably happen. I just didn't guess it would be apple. Maybe because Disney just has too much debt. 90 Billion is estimated in debt. I generally think this is a kick the can down the road further until someone in the future has to deal with the debt.
The company is worth an estimated 98 billion when you subtract all of debt & liabilities from the assets. But even that number is misleading. When you subtract the hair brain scheme known as IP from the assets because IPs are just noting but glorified IOUs and perception brand name it's less. Disney is worth -50 billion in the hole. How do I get that number estimated 40billion in assets minus 160 billion IP assets subtract 90 billion.
200 billion total assets including IP -160 billion in IP = 40 billion in assets -90billion in debt =-50 billion
Disney rumors
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