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commented on a stock11/24/2022 10:12

Discredit or manipulations of share price by john cheong of uobkh or uobkh? TP downgrade sell at sgd1.02

$Nanofilm(MZH.SG)$  2 days after publication the share price soar from sgd1.22 to sgd1.34  instead of go under. Repetitive might likely can establish as modus operandi. In short, a fraud by miss information. We cannot do much about it other than disregard this person as well putting this company away from ours eyesight permanently. My 2 cent of advise- the precedence suggested that You likely miss guided by this person or the company whether is good or bad to invest in a company stock. Good to know though... PoopPoopPoop
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  • 102487453 : take analyst prediction as a pinch of salt,if they are so accurate they will be rich and don't need to work as analysts,Moreover they always have a disclaimer and can just rewrite another report to justify the changed share price

  • divinepapaOP 102487453: Isnt that it will impact the stock price? SC  regulate of manipulations that include of miss information. Sad that sg having such reputation of credential analyst exist sia.

  • Steven ssyy : definitely undervalue stock. should buy. china market definitely will open soon

  • divinepapaOP Steven ssyy: Agree with your view point. Upon china open, it is under valued. Unfortunately current profitability in turmoil situation. May require a period of time to outperform.

  • 102487453 : This isn't like riverstock or top glove where long term optimism dies due to change in business environment,some big fuckers sell at $4 and buy back at $1.18,then rises to above $1.4 and sell again for profit.yes it defy market analysts so what? if stock trading so simple then everyone won't lose money already,many people are still holding at $2+ 3+

  • 102487453 : u will never know which bigboys is manipulating the market,anyways cut loss is always good for money management,just like the new etf get the cash coupon and many people sell off on the first day,there was a chance to sell off on the 3rd day at 1.000 but u and divine mama didn't take the chance

  • divinepapaOP 102487453: That topglove is pain of the ass. Well this far, the business review was not convincing specially on 2025 profitability. I ll bet the purpose to push down price to buy back by certain party.

  • divinepapaOP 102487453: Hmmm... Origin plan to keep for long term. After review it is another crap etf which for investoroney instead of growth. Forget it.

  • BuyHighSellLowww : DDon't worry this stock will definitely drop back soon

  • divinepapaOP BuyHighSellLowww: The message as refer on miss leading TP. Tune frequency LaughLaughLaugh

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