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commented on a stock11/23/2022 13:39

1st but last

$UOBAM PINGAN CHINEXT S(CXS.SG)$  poor quality product. disasterous when venture one here, a mistake for subscription.
1st but last
when selling loss sgd 400.
is that worth to invest long term product here? Hammer
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  • divinepapa : Etf supposedly stable and for long term. It seem this one for other purpose. Wrong decision and wrong product. May be end up is to pay their bills.

  • DivinemamaOP divinepapa: Anyhow, retention of your funds was the objective. The money shared by agent and management of funds. For your money not of quality of product. Who cares when invest here?

  • divinepapa DivinemamaOP: Obviously it is the intebtion, pay premium for withdrawal whereas we should look for somewhere else for longer term investment. Here is either you pay less or pay more not how much you can earn. Fund them for more money.... Not our game seh. Feel anyhow  dumb sort of

  • doctorpot1 : sad that the AUM is only ~$15million. such low AUM volume sure very bad which makes the bid ask spread to be bad Sob not sure if the AUM is enough to replicate the index well or not.. hope for China market to roar and their property market not to collapse then probably can recover Facepalm if not cry cry SobSob

  • DivinemamaOP doctorpot1: Was surprised 15m AUM probable return 7%. Speechless

  • OngOng : Broken Heart

  • DivinemamaOP OngOng: Kinda heartbroken

  • Apoh DivinemamaOP: I‘m joining u soon, in terms of cutting. My Stop loss will be reaching soon, at the rate China Covid policy is concerned…

  • DivinemamaOP Apoh: Sad to hear that  :(

  • Apoh DivinemamaOP: At least one good news came out again.. They ordered their banks to loosen their monetary policy esp for their Property section..
    So, I'll be more lenient and adjust my Stop Loss accordingly.
    Personally, I’m in it for the mid to long term for such products strategy and portfolio sizing.
    Hence, to each their own investment style..
    No fast and fixed rules.. be more flexible and act reasonably..
    All the best Thumbs Up

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