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THANKSGIVING 2022: Setbacks make better investors
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sensible Dinosaur_90
joined discussion11/23/2022 05:10

Forward Looking

I started investing in the middle of October of this year. I chose the MooMoo platform for a variety of reasons and I'm very glad that I did. Having to learn more or less on my own and reading the material only when I had time made things very frustrating and a little defeating. I have found a few quality stocks(they may be on the lower end but I've been working with what I can) that I've done well in( $Terran Orbital(LLAP.US)$ , $Canopy Growth(CGC.US)$ ). However my setbacks were my own fault and I own it my early 10-15 dollar losses on a handful of bad decisions were nothing compared to the mistakes I make with $Mullen Automotive(MULN.US)$ and $ComSovereign Holding(COMS.US)$ . I got caught up, I got emotional, I tried to chase. My approach now isn't perfect, but it's better and I learned. I'm glad I learned now rather than a year from now when it really could have hurt. We must respond to our mistakes and how we do defines us.
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