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THANKSGIVING 2022: Setbacks make better investors
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joined discussion11/21/2022 16:58

THANKSGIVING 2022: Setbacks make better investors

Hi mooers,

Candles are swaying, turkey is smelling...Oh! It's the annual Thanksgiving Day approaching!Fireworks

We know it could be difficult for you to be "thankful" in a year full of frustrationsHammer. However, mistakes are bound to be made along the way in investing and even in life. The most important thing is, can you learn from your past failures and make peace with your mistakes?Smart
THANKSGIVING 2022: Setbacks make better investors

Even leaders like Warren Buffett learned from setbacks. His stock purchase of Dexter Shoe Co. in 1993, for example, was what he called "the worst deal ever", resulting in a $3.5 billion loss. Instead of being frustrated, he learned the importance of competitive advantage for a company. Experiences like this set the stage for his future triumphs.

Do you have a similar story to share? Let's face up to the setbacks in your investments and work together to find solutions.Yeah!"When one door closes, another opens." When you look back, you may find that the setback wasn't so bad. Be thankful for those setbacks that sharpened you on your investment journey, because they may have made you a better investor.TongueKeep FightingCheerlead

1. We will select 3 qualified mooers to reward each of them with a stock worth about $10–$20, and another 7 to reward each of them with a stock worth about $5–$15.
2. We've prepared 55 points for all qualified participants who share their stories with over 20 words about the setbacks on the investment journey under this topic.

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*Winners of the free stocks are selected based on the completeness and quality of the content.
*Only relevant posts with over 20 words or a picture are deemed qualified.
*Rewards will be issued within 10-15 business days.

Happy Thanksgiving! Share your stories and get rewarded!Heart
THANKSGIVING 2022: Setbacks make better investors
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  • Milk The Cow : Holah, mine Trick:
    Milk The Cow :Thanksgiving 2022, setbacks make better investors.
    Thanksgiving 2022, setbacks make better investors.
    So far I got 2 bad investment made...Sweat
    1. Is my 1st investment=had done minor DYODD but refused to look at the facts (bad) / bias & just based on my belief = in the end a big loss 📉 (That's why I always look at the company financial 1st & not based on rumours or belief before investing now...Sweat)
    2. Not really sure if call luck or what...(suay)
    My one the most confident investment got hit hard by the COVID-19 but I refused to bailout = big losses 📉 (Though the financial is considered OK 👍 overall even till now, but generally bad in that sector aspect & the stock price just suck...Sweat) So, I learned to be flexible & act fast based on the situation but no recklessly Emm...
    Will I considered it as a Thanksgiving?
    Of course Grin... NO Angry!!!
    I still preferred all thing to sail ⛵ smoothly Cool Guy.
    The others investment started of as bad but in the end, they turned out great Grin. Though the period of time taken for returns seem not that right...Thinking Face+Sweat = still need to be improve...Emm

  • Spinosaurus : The setbacks I have had taught me to set my entry and exit points and don't stray from them. Don't sell or buy out of fear. Don't buy stock because it is a good price or at a price you think is fair, buy stock because you believe in the company and they are managing their funding correctly.
    When buying a security assume you you will lose some of that investment before you see gains. Also assume that you "might" lose all of the money you invest.
    I have definitely bought stock without doing any research, and bought stock because someone online said it was "going to the moon tomorrow". Don't buy the hype, look into and if it is plausible then maybe buy into it, but if it isn't... and most of the time it isn't, then just ignore it.

  • Rene Verdugo1982 : #thanksgiving2022 so thanks

  • Rene Verdugo1982 : #thanksgiving2022 so thanks
    I'm so happy I got custody ofy kids

  • bhtan00 : One major setback I had was believing in a high returns investments which turns out to be sort of a pyramid scheme. I was introduced by a friend of mine who has been investing in this platform for one + year so I was convinced. At that time I was DCAing into a portfolio and the stock market was starting to go downhill. Being new to investing (around 1 year ago), I was worried and greedy after seeing the high returns. I lost a huge sum of my savings (8k) after transferring more money to the scam from my current investments.
    Fast track to today, I learnt to be wary of promises of high returns investments and stick to the ETFs/Stocks. I also learnt to follow my investment plan and continue to DCA regardless of market conditions since I have done my own research and believe in the ETF/stock. IIt's a painful lesson but I was grateful that I learnt it the hard way early in my twenties and still could earn more money in the future.
    P.S recently I submitted documents with the  possibility of claiming some money back as the platform was liquidated by the authority

  • romantic Chipmunk_49 : wonderful

  • Joshua Pacheco : don't need nothing free I just joined I want to learn keep your free stuff lol I'm on credit journey also it's goin well

  • sensible Wolf_6048 Spinosaurus: Thank you for your insights.

  • bidfern72 Rene Verdugo1982: 💙

  • Bchabrow : Patience & Research
    im thankful that my setbacks & choices i regret have taught me to be more patient with my decisions & do more due dilligence before acting.