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Fund managers build portfolios, should you?
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Stock Moe
joined discussion11/19/2022 00:35

Stock Portfolios are not just for the elite

Anyone can build a portfolio. It isnt us vs. them anymore. It is WE. We are all extremely lucky to have online brokers like MooMoo at our fingertips. Look at the community here. Everyone helping each other. Investors did not always have this. Yes, the average retail investor can and should make his own portfolio. 💯
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  • Stock Physics : Hey Stock Moe.... I wanted your subscribers on YouTube and you and Kenny Grace and Uncle Larry. I love when you three do your things. What recessionary stock you're getting ready for 2023? I'm loading my money up like you said cash is king.

  • Ricky Middleton : Would you take a look at LOVE and give your thoughts on it