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        Let's witness the moment of wish fulfillment together
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        Creating Better Societies Through Social Responsibility

        Creating Better Societies Through Social Responsibility
        As an individual, I donate regularly to charity so I would certainly prefer to support socially responsible companies. With their superior reaources and larger scale of operations, companies have the ability to make greater impact on society and the environment with their actions, be they good or bad.
        Charity is not just about helping the needy. Increasingly, people are more conscious of their carbon footprint and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. The pandemic also highlighted the importance of social responsibility in our personal hygiene.
        I hope we’ll create a better world through the rise of social responsibility.
        Creating Better Societies Through Social Responsibility
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        • snoopy123 : Thanks for sharing!  Beside the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) we commonly hear of, would like to also share this 4th dimension ~"Repair" that I came across recently and feel most obliged to share.. feel free to check it out..

        • MooMamaLlama : wholeheartedly agree @DadacaiThere are companies with the ability to make a HUUUGE impact on reducing carbon footprints!! seems the little guys are onto it first, like JRV (fd. I have a stake in them) who's entire mining operation will be solar and wind generated power.  Some bigger fish like BHP or Rio Tinto (I believe?) are using "mosquito fleets"autonomous vehicles to transport loads on site. Little things add up to become bigger things. Red Earth (supposed to have IPO in2021 but ceo wasn't happy)  an Oz company is building tech/storage usable on workshops and homes, for massive amounts of energy storage. apparently their batteries are bigger and last longer than another famous brand *ahem* Tesla. will have to fact check that one...
          I'm trying to reduce my own carbon footprint, lowering power usage etc and looking at solar panels. I've lived with solar panels and a water tank.
          I believe children are the future so I also sponsor a child. A little girl from Burkina Faso in N.Africa. they now have goats so can earn a little from meat and milk. some donations also go to her schooling, she can actually GO to school now which is huge. prior she never went as she was needed on the farm,plus she was female. Now the school is full of girls. With donors like me providing the MEANS to help themselves the girls can now be educated. By the means to help themselves I mean we don't just give a bit of food oor water... We build wells for water, provide animals for meat or income via milk,eggs, etc. Giving food is great, but giving them the means to provide for themselves is amazing, allowing the girls to go to school instead of toiling on a failing farm. It doesn't just help the child, it helps her family, it  helps the community.... And they barely leave ANY carbon footprints. its us in the 1st world countries that are ruining the planet.
          So yep I try and invest in 'good' companies, and try and reduce my own CF.

        • LuckyPiggie : Fully agreed 👍  I would love to do more but as a simple peasant, I can only do so much. Yeah!

        • whqqq : agree. I donate money or goods regularly to help people in need. We will create a better world. Joyful

        • whqqq LuckyPiggie: I think even small acts of kindness can help a lot when doing good things. The sea is also made of small drops of water. Joyful

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