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        Q3 P/L Challenge: How do you trade the volatile markets?
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        2022 Q3 P/L Challenge, can u trade the volatile markets?

        Microphone How did ur portfolio perform?
        Not that great but also not at the worst since I'd already made adjustments before the negativity happened Grin .
        Microphone Which news event had the biggest impact on ur stocks?
        I think is the 3Q 2022 earning press released results & maybe the unemployment data news Emm.
        Microphone How did u adjust ur trading strategies?
        I'd reduced my holding positions long ago as I'd already expected an earning recession & a bad proven past CPI result back in sep 2022. Waiting for the stock price to adjust itself & adding small position if I think it's a reasonable price for a 5 to 10 years investment. Guess there may be more to fall Emm.
        My those current new very small positions are bought at quite a low pricing before the pricing in of the current economy situation (I think so Emm). After 3Q22 earning press released, it fell further just as expected. Just DCA slowly 🐌 Trick (May sell my small purchased positions again if the stock market rally by a lot unreasonably = buy low & sell high Trick).
        Microphone Did they work?
        No idea Nose Pick, it's just only the beginning Trick.
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        • 70577514 : wish moo moo would let us trade rvna

        • Milk The CowOP 70577514: I think moomoo will mark the account as day trader if doing day trading too often...Emm

        • whqqq Milk The CowOP: Does marking have any effect? Flushed

        • Milk The CowOP whqqq: Yup, u need to has certain assets in ur account = I think maybe is a 2 digits thousands asset..., if not u are banned for trading like for a week or so...Terror
          That's what I heard in the past. Not sure if the rules now got any new changes Thinking Face.

        • Milk The CowOP whqqq: Basically, they marked ur account as a dangerous trader with too low asset.
          Moomoo also won't want themselves to go bankrupt right Trick? So, I kinda understand them.
          But not convenience for users with little investing funds & know what they are doing.
          Quite troublesome & it's something similar to margin call in option... making u indirectly lost Dollar because u triggered the broker's safety system feature.
          This is why, brokers usually never make losing DollarTrick.

        • whqqq : I see. Very detailed. Thumbs UpThank you for replying to this message. Joyful

        • Milk The CowOP whqqq: Oh dear, seem like I'd misunderstood due to the rumors of moomoo will mark ur account as day trading Concerned.
          Apparently, it only applied to those US users who opened their moomooUS broker account that is register in the US. Because it's the rules there.
          However if opened broker account in moomooSG there is no day trading penalty since the broker is registered in SG & SG does not apply this trading rule GrinThumbs Up.
          Damn... I'd wasted a lot of time for not day trading because of this rumors...that's not really affecting on SG users...Hammer

        DYODD before investing 👌