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        Do you think $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$ will bounce off the $361 area
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        • 70107480 : it always bounce back, the question is when?

        • WallStreetYoda : it will short term bounce within a wide range and that range will get bigger and bigger making it harder to design your strategy in the right direction this is why im short term af if i was better maybe i could map out what’s happening and try to pretend i know how it is going to pan out but not knowing shit seems to be working for my portfolio. the market is daddy it tells me what to do and i try to listen only like i said it’s learning a new language that im not fluent in and its yelling at me to do somthing but i can barely understand it. i will leave you now with this emoji of a bad head 👨‍🦲

        • SmrtTraderOP WallStreetYoda: LOL, well  put my friend. I don't think the market knows what the hell it wants to do right now . trust me there are plenty of times that I sit back and say " holy shit I can't believe that worked out"Hammer. Just remember the big boys control the direction- we're just along for the ride. I think you're right that once it breaks out of this more narrower range - gonna be much harder to predict. happy trades and best of luck to you

        • SmrtTraderOP 70107480: yep, I couldn't agree more. SPY knows upward more than it does downward thats for sure. I think a lot of what we're seeing right now is the after effects of the Market being inflated by the FED monetary policy during the height of the covid pandemic coupled with the current inflation going on and institutions are playing it safe.

        • WallStreetYoda : i guys are on point .. i got bit bad in tesla thinking it would not keep falling im hoping we see a major turn around soon

        • GwCsWorld WallStreetYoda: well heck teach me what you don't know.....sounds like it's working for you..💯...that's cool that it's working for U...keep it up .... be happy doing it and have a Joyful Merrry Christmas and Happy Profitable up coming NEW YEAR....!!

        I'm an avid metal music lover/ player. Yup I trade as well.