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wrote a post09/27/2022 14:50

What’s $TSLA backbone and ribs?

We all know that $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ is like a lego of everything. there are alot of companies work together to build tesla cars. $Eastman Kodak(KODK.US)$ for their batteries film and $Thermo Fisher Scientific(TMO.US)$ for some of the instruments. $Taiwan Semiconductor(TSM.US)$ for the microchips used and many more. There are a lot of OTC companies too that are responsible of making the tesla cars into a complete marvel. Next time, I will try to make a list of all companies involved. ;) and also they are still using $DocuSign(DOCU.US)$ in most transactions and partnered with $Bank of America(BAC.US)$ for most payouts/salaries. ;) $PANASONIC HOLDINGS CORP(PCRFF.US)$ some contracts and $Lithium Americas(LAC.US)$.
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