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        Moo Humor
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        MooHumor: As steady as a rock

        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        If a person puts his/her money in the stock market. He/she must understand the terrible feeling when seeing stock prices going up and down wildly. 
        It is challenging to stay mentally steady when the stock market is wavering. 
        But there are a group of investors who built differently. They can resist extreme stress and work like nothing is happening to them. No matter what's happening in the outside world, they stay calm and keep trading.

        Sometimes, reacting quickly to market volatility may be an ideal way to manage risks.

        But on the other hand, frequent adjustment also means more frictional costs. 
        Now let's look at some examples of mooers who got a rock-solid mindset.

        @Coffee Drip : $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ all together now 😂  (market as a whole)
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        @hispa: slow in steady
        take your time $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        @Mikebierer : When you ran out of liquidity before the split, so now your on the bench like: $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        MooHumor: As steady as a rock
        The opposite of the fragile definition is not the robust but the anti-fragile.
                                                                — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

        This week, we'd like to invite you to comment: Is it right to ignore all the voices that came from the market and stick to your investment plan?

        We will select 20 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
        Winners will get 88 points by next week, with which you can exchange gifts at the Rewards Club.
        *Comments within this week will be counted.

        You may post:
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        That's all for this week. Peace! Cool GuyCool GuyCool Guy
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        • steady Pom pipi : Put on headphones, no other sounds can be heardLaughLaughLaugh

        • Syuee : It largely depends on whether you are a trader or an investor ?
          For an investor, it is possible to invest in the stock market and almost completely ignore what is going on.
          Otherwise, you shall be constantly responding to market conditions.
          You may end up being reactive rather than proactive.
          And that causes fear, and uncertainty.
          It is also important to remember that you will need to stay informed about the market.
          The stock market is a reflection of the economy as a whole.
          As an investor, I have my personal investment strategy and financial plan.
          And the voices from the stock market, isn’t going to change any of that.
          I do not expect stocks to give excellent returns, like they gave in the past, for various reasons.
          Nevertheless, returns will be very high, if you have the courage to buy, hold and keep buying on significant dips every time the market crashes.
          If one have the courage, patience and will-power, then one may become very prosperous with this strategy. Smirk
          Whatever we choose, the best investment is one where we can sleep~ through the night like a baby ! Heart
          Cheers ! Joyful

        • steady Pom pipi Syuee:

        • funny Giraffe_6930 : it is but harder to do, money is not 🚭 to come by.looking out you see red ,not sweet.

        • Syuee steady Pom pipi: Your kitten gif is so CUTE !! Chuckle

        • steady Pom pipi Syuee: Your GIF is also very cute. I almost laughed at first sight.LaughLaughLaugh
          Please allow me to save it.KissKissKiss

        • BurgerShot : Trading is like a girlfriend, it’s fun when it’s great but it sucks when it’s bad.

        • Milk The Cow steady Pom pipi: The cat very yo eh 🤣

        • Xtragg : It actually makes me very happy to buy more shares for less than I previously did when I have a 20 year outlook.  I’m collecting companies and I’m not worried about the short term noise of traders trying to screw each other over.

        • steady Pom pipi Milk The Cow: LaughLaughLaugh

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