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commented on a stock09/23 13:49

$Golden Energy(AUE.SG)$ completing CWH pattern from a deep b...

$Golden Energy(AUE.SG)$ completing CWH pattern from a deep base. Nice if you got in around 0.76 as pullback buy! Hoping it will breakout the handle soon.
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  • 102261387 : I love your comment.especially you emphasize about the CWH pattern which i had also thought of it. thank you very much!

  • KW LOP : Happy to share! Technically not a perfect CWH as the base is too deep, but O&G sector is gaining strength again so it’s ok to trade slightly imperfect CWH. If it can breakout the handle, it may turn a power play stock!

  • 102261387 : am not good in TA. May be you would like to share deeper so that other investors can benefit it. thank you in advanceWorship

  • KW LOP : Strongly recommend you get the 2 stock trading books written by Mark Minervini (the only books you need to read and RE-READ multiple times for stock trading). Follow his Twitter, check out his videos on YouTube. Trust me, It helps tremendously as a stock trader!

  • 102261387 : thank you very muchThumbs Up

  • 精灵看看 KW LOP: Thank you