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Moo Humor
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Milk The Cow
joined discussion09/23 13:36

Children Day 🥳?

Wonder if there is any adult day 🤔 ...
Also, wonder if the jacket/coat is only for kid size Thinking Face.
Maybe is only for "small" adults Smirk + children, the coat Chuckle.
Children Day 🥳?
Children Day 🥳?
Last but not least, HAPPY CHILDREN DAY
Oh, is cloak, not coat Flushed=Lol+Hammer.
So, is it a combination of cloak & towel Shocked?
2 in 1 Shocked+Flushed?
Children Day 🥳?
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  • Milk The CowOP : ...Emm
    Nah, passed.
    Judging from the photo, the kid look too small & the size of the coat may not fit for adult length Cool.
    If getting the package ,  it's as good as only getting a towel since only the coat & towel attract me Trick.

  • Milk The CowOP Milk The CowOP: & I think I should not be stealing from kids, the limited addition Chuckle.
    Yup, that's the right thing to do, I guess Trick?