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wrote a post09/16/2022 11:26

The Best Chinese Choice in the Metauniverse

$TENCENT(00700.HK)$ , $NetEase, Inc.-S(09999.HK)$ and $BILIBILI-W(09626.HK)$are the first choices in the industry. According to $JPMorgan(JPM.US)$ , among Asian companies unrelated to the Internet, $Agora(API.US)$ , $CHINA MOBILE(00941.HK)$ , $Sony(SONY.US)$  and other companies have entered the list of potential beneficiaries of the metauniverse.
The Best Chinese Choice in the Metauniverse
Analysts said that there are two main ways for enterprises to make money through the development of Yuanjie, namely, games and intellectual property rights. In JPMorgan's most optimistic scenario, the online game market in China almost tripled, from $44 billion to $131 billion Billions.

According to analysts, Tencent and NetEase both have strong game businesses and have established partnerships with world leading enterprises in the industry. For example, Tencent holds shares in $Roblox(RBLX.US)$ , a virtual world game company, while NetEase and Warner Brothers have jointly developed a mobile game with the theme of Harry Potter.

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