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        Weekly Performance Challenge: Which stock performed the best?
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        Why I chose to invest in this stock?

        Why I chose to invest in this stock?
        The stock is at low affordable price of S$2.72 each and $Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$ have the potential to increase in profits for the long term.
        How do you decide when to buy or sell?
        Buy at the possible lowest support level and sell at the possible highest resistance level.
        Did you use technical analysis tools to help you make decisions?
        Yes I do use the technical indicators (Candlesticks with the RSI, MACD, Trading Volume, SAR and etc) and the fundamental indicators (News about the company itself).
        What is your next move?
        Invest more money in Funds with the Interest rate for the long term. For example like Cash Funds, Equity Funds (Nature Resources) and CPF Special Account aka Retirement Account of 4% as back up to Stocks in my MooMoo securities account.
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          I am actually just an ordinary beginner investor who wanted to benefit for the long term. Follow me @venom76000 on IG.