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        Weekly Performance Challenge: Which stock performed the best?
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        Weekly Performance Challenge?

        Microphone Did you seize the moments?
        For early of Aug 22, I did not seize the best moment for the highest price for selling at the highest profit... = timed market wrongly Sweat...
        Microphone In your portfolio, which stock performed the best?
        None, I think Emm. I think the best is $Apple(AAPL.US)$ for the highest positive changes in my portfolio Emm.

        Microphone Why did you choose to invest in this stock?
        $Apple(AAPL.US)$ is kinda a gift 🎁 given to me Trick. However, I'm kinda interested to increase more if there're cheap discount to me Trick.
        (Unfortunately, some other stock seduced me more Sigh...)

        Microphone How did you decide when to buy or sell?
        I see if the stock is oversold or overbought = undervalued or overvalued Cool Guy.

        Microphone Did you use technical analysis tools to help you make decisions?
        Yup, I do used them to get the best pricing for the day. But, overall I looked at the companies & the economy fundamental more.

        Microphone What's your next move?
        Heh, u guess guess Trick+Chuckle?
        (u should has guessed correctly if ya follow my other posts Trick.)
        Last but not least, from around near end of July 22 to 16 Aug 22, my option paper portfolio performance since the "Gamestonk" market rally, "I has made so much Dollar again", is in which I wanted to say... But...Sweat
        Weekly Performance Challenge?
        Weekly Performance Challenge?
        Weekly Performance Challenge?
        Weekly Performance Challenge?
        Weekly Performance Challenge?
        Short the market Shocked ? Easy Dollar Shocked ? Haiz...Sigh (Lucky is not the real thing Tongue)
        Welp, at least I'd learned a bit about margin call through paper 📃 trading Chuckle.
        My previous performance revealed on option paper trading:
        Am I able to make a comeback from the huge fall Shocked ?
        That has to wait till the next episode Trick.
        (Got chance to know more de, if I find any moomoo event topic to make my next reveal performance Chuckle.)
        I may even need to go back to the recycle bin to dig back my "that" file Smirk.
        DYODD before investingOK
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          DYODD before investing 👌