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Trump calls Musk a 'bulls**t artist' for canceling Twitter deal and not voting for him

Spi11 The Teawrote a column07/11/2022 09:47
Donald Trump has gloated about Elon Musk ending his efforts to buy Twitter, writing: 'THE TWITTER DEAL IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE "TRUTH".'

On his own competing social network Truth Social, the former president posted his opinions on Friday evening, just after it was revealed that Musk, 51, had withdrawn a $44 billion offer.
Source: Truth Soical
Source: Truth Soical
On Saturday night, Trump called Elon Musk a "bulls–t artist" as he stumped for Republican midterm candidates in Anchorage, Alaska. He claimed that Musk voted for him and then lied about it.

Musk said during a Miami tech conference in May that he may have never voted Republican and overwhelmingly voted Democrat throughout his life.
"You know, he [Musk] said the other day, 'Oh, I've never voted for a Republican.' I said, 'I didn't know that, he told me he voted for me.' So he's another bulls–t artist," Trump said.

Also, Trump said he knew the Musk Twitter deal would fall through.
"Elon. Elon. Elon. He's not going to buy Twitter," Trump said. "And where did you hear that before? From me," he added.
"He's got himself a mess, I've looked at his contract," Trump continued.

$Twitter (Delisted)(TWTR.US)$$Tesla(TSLA.US)$$Digital World Acquisition Corp(DWAC.US)$

Source: Bloomberg, Businessinsider
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Spi11 The Tea
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  • Wildndn : I take it you will vote for communist then.

  • DarthNoFace : "Who is the more foolish? the fool, or the fool that follows him?" -Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • rebsr : although you wish to point out two separated opinions for some political point, trump is correct on both statements... 1) trump supported elon for his venture and believed elon would do what he said, and 2) trump later realized elon is a fudster and not a man of his word (a trump deal killer).  trump is pointing out the obvious and was not wrong.  elon surfs the waves of politics for business opportunities and support.  any investor knows elons ventures are over priced and overrated.

  • ztock_boy : there is only one "bulls–t artist" in this story, and it's not in the musk family.
    if Elon was closet trump guy, wouldn't he put an offer on truth social or trump media?

  • 71707650 : That's the latest from D-Wack

  • 苹果上月亮 : LONG $Digital World Acquisition Corp(DWAC.US)$

  • EATTHERICH1980 : lol what a joke. Both of them.

  • Dons hobby : It is what it is and what it's not is Musk doing what he said " AGAIN ".
    I made money on Twitter when he first said he was gonna buy it. I bought in at 37. sold it at 45 and that was the last time it was in the 40's. I sold it for the same reason most people won't buy it now YOU CAN'T TRUST WHAT ELON SAYS. If you give a child billions of dollars he will do childish things with it. He actually dropped the price of his own stock messing with Twitter and the sentiment for Tesla is nothing like it was before the Twitter spatter. I will say that he has a good reason for backing out though, If you believe Twitter only has 5% bot accounts I have a bridge I would like to sell you.
    Twitter is a cesspool of Bullshiters by definition and always has been. A bunch of content control freaks that push the MUSH HEADED policies that hurt this country this stock market and every American citizen that walks on dirt. If you have any common sense you don't go looking for pipes of shit to stick your hands in and that's EXACTLY what he did. Who should really be pissed at him is every stock holder in his company BECAUSE HE LOST THEM A LOT OF MONEY.

  • Giovanni Ayala : Seems like the True leadership isn't really True at All

  • Giovanni Ayala : You can have all the money in the world but still be the biggest Fool. but you learn from mistakes before it's to late

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