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        New Media: it is expected that the largest digital screen in Southeast Asia will appear in Hong Kong in two years' time.

        It is expected that there will be the largest digital canopy in Southeast Asia in two years' time.
        It is expected that in 2024, the largest digital canopy in Southeast Asia will appear in Hong Kong, aligning the dreamy canopy of the World Trade Organization, a landmark in Beijing, China.
        This 200-meter-long digital canopy is built by Tiantian Holdings (The Place Holdings) with an investment of 200 million yuan, and it is also an upgraded version of the dreamy canopy of Beijing World Trade Organization.
        This plan is L.I.F.E jointly developed by Tianjie Holdings and Stellar Lifestyle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the SMRT Group. (reading "life") part of the omni-channel digital ecosystem.
        Fan Xianyong, CEO of Tiandai Holdings, signed a cooperation agreement with she Wenmin, chairman of SMRT. Fan Xianyong said that this is the company's largest local investment project.
        "the vitality of the whole world is in Southeast Asia. If any enterprise wants to enter the world, Singapore is a stop that cannot be ignored. We have to land in Singapore some of the advanced business models and the most advanced technology we have accumulated. Enter ASEAN through Singapore, and then go to the world."
        The company plans to locate the canopy in the urban area, close to the subway station, which will enhance the life experience of public transport users, he said.
        "Skyscreen is an ecosystem. Not only can it make an immersive experience, but it can also have an intelligent service platform. After this platform is connected to the thousands of screens of the subway, it can provide a platform for small businesses to show to everyone. Consumers can also interact with this platform directly."
        The canopy will also allow non-homogeneous token users to build communities and become one of the tourist attractions for tourists to sign in.
        In addition, under the omni-channel digital ecosystem, the company will also set up a fixed point to pick up parcels near subway stations to provide convenience for consumers.
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