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commented on a stock06/28 14:39

Do you hear the sound of popping?

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My views are amateur take it like a pinch of salt, don't blame me if you lose alot of money following them.

Trump era Tariffs, everyone knows China stocks will be popping like rockets, if Biden had agreed to lift the China import tariffs, even a little would light China stocks up like fireworks. But how likely?
Considering the amount of adversary Biden is facing in domestic issues and the congress are animously anti China growth, chances of lifting of the tariffs is not slim but definitely not easy.
The call to lift tariffs to fight inflation is likely to have limited effects in softening the inflation although not insignificant.
I think the chances to lift the tariff completely is almost nil. But we can expect at least a tuned version of the lift. Similar to how he managed to cut the student debt.
Most Americans know the tariffs don't benefit most Americans at all. It only benefits a few. Clearly a tuned tariff would work better, sound better and easier to get the Republican to agree.
Few would be naive even to think the tariff would be a leverage against China. Makes me wonder what leverage did it gain from China last 2 years?.... Still thinking.... 🤔
With the increasing pressure from Businesses, media and Biden's own compatriots.
And Biden's hands seemingly tied on an energy crisis while fighting a painful inflation.  Do you think lifting a tariff is a go?
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  • GNRForever : 100% he will!!! There will be riots otherwise. USA is an economy based on consumption. Advertiser, micro influencers … they can only flip products if public can afford them. This entire test run was amicable until they started to control information. You want to ask China about Taiwan? Why not ask USA about Hawaii? They will remove tariffs because (1) does. It benefit anyone, (2) when prices go up, demand destruction, impacts bottom line … boomers then lose wealth. This entire global climate was poorly executed … you can’t bite the hand that builds your products!

  • KongWeePeh : For democratic party no.

  • Kngkong : 我看只有取消关税,才能够做到控制通货膨胀

  • bwjx : Lifting of tariff news is just temporary,  won't affect my trading or investment plan . Grin If it doesn't materialize in the end, the bulls will be sticking their heads in the sand again. LolLol