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wrote a post06/27/2022 15:01

Advice on ARKK position

Hello all,
As the title states, I have around 6k in a few $ARK Innovation ETF(ARKK.US)$ funds, down roughly 68% in total. My initial plan was just to hold onto it for now, because how really much lower can it all go. $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ being so down is not helping them out at all at this point.
This has to be somewhere near the bottom I believe for ARKK, and selling all it now seems like the worst thing someone could do being at the bottom but is it worth it to get out and put the rest in a $Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF(VTI.US)$ or a $Vanguard S&P 500 ETF(VOO.US)$ , or even just TSLA?
I was going to wait on some upward momentum then get out at the down 40% range, thinking that wouldn't be that much to ask for.
I know it's easy to hate on ARKK now when they are so down, but it's funny because, when I bought in a couple years ago, most guys were buy ARKK and stating Cathie as a genius. Now it is the complete opposite.
Looking to hear objective opinions.
Thanks all.
$Coinbase(COIN.US)$$Zoom Video Communications(ZM.US)$$Roku Inc(ROKU.US)$
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  • DavidBeeby : Id just hold it at this point, honestly. You held through a 70% drop and all the stress of that, the time to sell was a long time ago. The worst thing you can do was buy the top, the second worse thing was not to get out when the market went risk off, the third worst thing you can do is sell the bottom. You wanna go 3 for 3? I got big losers too, I regret buying but I dont want to double my regret by selling now and the markets start to recover. Would rather just have one bad choice than two lol

  • ProTraderMarkOP DavidBeeby: Awesome!

  • 102665141 : When the tide keep rising anyone is a genius. This is so true to when Buffett says that you only know who is naked when the tide is low. Ha..ha..

  • 102358027 : The distributive technology thing takes long time. At least 5 years time horizon. I work in tech and dun sell anything. Just ride it for 3-5 years. It will grow massively