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How can we build a better Moo community?
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joined discussion06/08/2022 15:00

How can we build a better Moo community?

Dear mooers,
First and foremost, we want to thank all mooers for hanging around with us. You guys have made the Moo community a better place for those who share a common interest. We've become stronger and closer over time.
Moomoo is dedicated to building a friendly and supportive environment for all mooers to grow and thrive. We'll never stop improving the Moo community. Therefore, we'd love to hear your voice. Please tell us about:
1. SmileWhat does your ideal community look like?
2. SmileWhat values do you see or expect in the Moo community?
3. SmileDo you have any feedback about the Moo community regarding its social features, content, social experience, official accounts, moderator, or other aspects?
4. SmileWhat does the Moo community have, and what doesn't?

Your opinion matters! Blowing KissesBlowing KissesComment below to let us know!
Moomoo is an app offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. that provides information about investments. Moomoo Technologies is not an investment adviser or a broker-dealer and it provides neither investment or financial advice nor securities trading services. All contents such as comments and links posted or shared by users of the community are opinions of the respective authors only and do not reflect the opinions, views, or positions of Moomoo Technologies, its affiliates, or any employees of Moomoo Technologies or its affiliates. You are advised to consult a qualified financial or tax advisor for your personal financial planning and tax situations. Moomoo makes no representation or warranty as to its adequacy, completeness, accuracy or timeliness for any particular purpose of the above content.
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  • Janice William : This is so cool. Well I think my ideal community is where everyone is real and there are real responses. Coz we don't know other community members in the real life, we build connection here via posts, and comments. If i send a post with no responses, then i would be disappointed. I think moomoo is okay in this regards. But i think Moo's content is scattering here and there. I'm a goal-oriented investor. If i am watching a specific stock, then i go to the quote-comment page. If i am intertested in an industry or looking for some similiar companies, there is nowhere to look at. The posts are random i think. :) Also, i hope there will be offline gathering someday, coz that would be fun. Online relation is weak. These are all the feedback i have. Keep going moomoo!Laugh

  • Ayira : I think you need make the online platform navigation like the phone navigation. on the phone of is more intuitive but online you can see better but trying to figure out how to do the same things online does not translate to a phone is so small in various ways, so it decreases my participation. on the computer due to different navigation and on the phone due to size

  • Ayira Janice William: Hi Janice, I agree with you, the comments on the individual stocks needs to pertain to that company or buying and selling strategies for that stock or company.  Maybe they create a space for random comments if they haven't already.

  • Janice William Ayira: yea I would just go the stock's Comments tab instead of checking the feed at Moo

  • Mr Trecherous : All Of The Above Onlooker

  • Ayira : thanks Janice, I was not checking the feed...so maybe the stocks I am into no one has anything to say in the comments...moo moo scratch a separate place for general comments, Janice has advised the feed is the place for general comments

  • iceswimmer : I think there’re many good people here on moomoo. Very kind indeed. I’ve learned a lot from them. If I can give any suggestions, I would say please let kind users like @HopeAlways@Moo Top@Qwinbieand many of those experienced or active or willing to share have a way to organize a # or even chat rooms maybe. I would like to join them if they bring up a good topic or just wanna chill. :)

  • Revelations 6 : I have to wonder sometimes if it isn't that Moo Moo doesn't have what people need, but more of a lack of knowing how to find it. Oh, without getting bashed or talked down to. Moo Moo is such an extensive, broad, and wide-ranging platform it takes a while to grasp its total functionality. I'm still finding things on this app and I've been using it for a long time. I really can say whether you need to add this or that because I still am learning the platform and finding new things. I will I do like the free-flowing, humorous, and random statements in the comment section. That's what gives Moo its personality and gives me a distraction from that day's events. I do this for fun, it's not my job.

  • Milk The Cow : 1. Investors helping each others out if there are willing to Grin + great events rewards Trick.
    2. I like the recent coupon I gotten = cash coupon without a need for any transaction made (wait 3 working days) = good GrinThumbs Up.
    3. I think some of the moomoo officials are trying theor best to keep the community a peaceful place, bring awareness to beginner investors & keep the community going Emm.
    I will like for points to be exchangeable for stock vouchers or something like that.
    Maybe can also includes rewards like $Apple(AAPL.US)$ iphone/laptops which cause a tons of moomoo points & reward is only limited to 1 redeem a year or so... something like that... (increase ur moomoo currency value Trick=this will be more exciting for the communityGrin=investors need good iphone & laptops for stock trading too Trick.)
    How u guys make it happens, idk ... Maybe Moomoo collaboration with $Apple(AAPL.US)$ Shocked?
    Maybe also can make some limited edition Moomoo figurine for community event rewards = it can be interesting too Trick.
    4. I'm not really sure if we are allowed to initiate a private chatroom with the Moomoo Officials. It will be a good feature to add in as sometime some words are too sensitive to make it public Emm. (Also to add in security like encrypted & "block/report/mute).

  • Milk The Cow : I may checked all the box except for the last one...
    Some ppls are quite toxic in the community, especially from $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ , $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ , $GameStop(GME.US)$ community...
    Don't know where "those" come from...Silent
    One @Dadacai& maybe some other kind users are not enough to maintain a good & peaceful community Trick. Everyone need to work together peaceful Grin.
    Peace Shake

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