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joined discussion06/07/2022 21:24

NIO Q1 2022 Earnings Preview – Betting the % change in closing price to win!

Win Rewards:
Place your Bet on NIO's percentage change (US Market) in closing price (i.e.+3%) of June 9 ET by 3:00 PM, June 9 ET. The mooer with the closest bet will win 300 points!
Dear mooers,
NIO's first-quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call is to be released on June 9 prior to the opening of U.S. markets! The consensus estimate for revenue is expected at $1.5 billion, indicating a nearly 47.6% YoY growth. The EPS is estimated at $ –0.13 for Q1 2022.
The main driver of EV's stock price seems to continue to be the company's delivery growth. In April, NIO disappointed the market with a delivery of 5,074 vehicles, which represents a YoY growth of only 13.5%. Besides, according to a regulatory report filed in May, Norway's central bank (Norges Bank), has liquidated its entire position in NIO with an estimated value of $ 4 million. NIO's stock price plunged approximately 21% during April.
However, NIO is still one of the few EV makers to generate positive free cash flow. NIO raised prices for both its vehicles and battery-as-a-service program in April. According to NIO's former guidance, the string of losses is expected to end in 2024. Moreover, the EV supply chain in East China has been resumed since May. For NIO, it seems the difficulties are temporary, and its market opportunities remain unchanged.
The upcoming earnings results might offer more explanation and create more trading opportunities!
Rewarding points will be distributed within 5-10 working days after the results are announced.
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NIO Q1 2022 Earnings Conference Call
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