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commented on a stock05/20/2022 05:16

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ Another CRAZY thought of mine: What if Tesla, instead...

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ Another CRAZY thought of mine:
What if Tesla, instead of buying back shares (which is somehow an artificial push that I don’t like so much, though certainly effective) bought a 5Bn stake in SpaceX and SpaceX bought a 5Bn stake in Twitter ? After all SpaceX is also a com. company (Starlink). Next year (once the robotaxi is in its development phase) Tesla could buy another 5-10 Bn of Twitter stock and use Twitter as a publicity and logistic platform for the robotaxi system. That would be great and… a solution for the money question: 15 Bn less in loans for Elon. He already has 9,2% plus 8,8Bn cash, plus some money from his friends and loyal partners, plus the stakes that some big shareholders want to keep (as the Saudis)… No more need of bank loans and Elon completely free to actuate his plans.
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  • twatt at it : How about Elon if Elon got a managers salary instead of stocks, which he aggressively sells tanking the stock price 2 times a year?   How about they converted the stock to a yield stock instead of a growth stock.. Would be better to do now when the stock price is so low anyway

  • TradingRoulette : But SpaceX is not tradable and cant buy shares etc

  • TradingRoulette twatt at it: The tanking and climbs (with a string of good news) is all deliberate. He who sold at 999 needs to buy back arnd here 700. And He who shorated at 999 need to buy back as well arnd here at 700. When it comes, it comes…. Just be sure to have some Long Calls.

  • moomoo Stef TradingRoulette: I agreed

  • Talklili : well , demz are feminist , that means .if a girl can walk down the street with thongs show here nice big booty. Then it should be the same to show the rocketshit.lets be equal demz.

  • TeslaSmurfOP twatt at it: You can’t impose to a stock to be non-growth when the company grows at + 70/80% per year. Besides, that implies a huge volatility, which means deep dips, which mean a lot of money. You can’t do it with other stocks, but you can’t have paper hands…

  • TeslaSmurfOP TradingRoulette: Yes they can, on the private market, as they CURRENTLY do. In fact, based to those transactions, SpaceX is estimated to be worth around 120 Billion.

  • TeslaSmurfOP TradingRoulette: That’s a NON-Logic thought: it would mean that he chooses to lose 49Bn (the diminished value of his stake) to gain a 20% on 8.8 Bn ? He is one of the smartest people on earth, not the dumbest…

  • TradingRoulette TeslaSmurfOP: When he sold he made a realised gain. The felled prices of his remaining shares are just unrealised losses. He would easily buy back these share he sold or more at 700 and resell them next Quarter again for 1000 plus. Do that 4 times a year.