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wrote a post05/19/2022 22:33

Beer time.

played according to my plan. got out when market showed strength to protect my profit.
even though after i got out market tanked. couldve made so much more if i didnt exit . but it is important to remember to stick to your plan including stoplosses and protectbuour profit. any profit is better than a red day.
$Apple(AAPL.US)$ put was my only play today

time to close the chart and enjoy the rest of the evening. will be taking a night off tmr
Beer time.
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  • chowyunfattOP : Trade summary

  • Y2Jack : 大哥你又赚了

  • Y2Jack : 怎么没教我😭

  • soaring star : How to do put n call

  • Milamber : Nice and congrats. Did you buy this option today and sold on same day? You can sell training so all of us can make money :)

  • Y2Jack : 是啊…一起赚不好吗😅

  • chowyunfattOP Milamber: Buy and sell on the same day.

  • Kcvh : What's your trading strategy? Would you mind sharing?

  • Dons hobby : Very nice glad to see it.

  • chowyunfattOP : ****** NOTICE ******
    Firstly I’ll like to thank everyone for your support.
    I’ve been daytrading for just over a year. So still very new to this and there is much to learn still. I’m not always consistent like what you’re seeing now. I am quite surprised myself tbh. I started with $500 or $1000 accounts. And i’ve burned through number of them.
    Yes, im all for making money together! And I believe i’m sharing what I think is best for anyone who is willing to commit and work hard at trading.
    If you have been following me. You’ll know that before the trading day starts (if i have some time) I will post some of the key levels of my favourite tickers. AMD, AAPL, MSFT, FB. For me SPY and QQQ levels are abit harder for me to call but I’ve found success there.
    This acts as a starting point for anyone to be doing their own analysis. Because I know there are a lot of tickers and it’s hard to know where to start.
    At the core of my strategy, is the importance of consistency and that is more important than having a single big a green day is. Always think about retaining profits and not making profits. There are others too.. and I’ll share them whenever I can.
    I like to trade; breakouts and reversals. Now im learning to trade range.
    I believe that less is more. So I only use VWAP, sometimes I will stick in the 50ema, watch price action and learning to read level2.
    I know a lot of you are asking, how big of a position i’m taking, how big of an account I have, how much of my account am I risking. But i feel all these aren’t the important questions as everyone risk tolerance, $$$ available to trade is different. (I still share it from time to time)

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