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wrote a post05/19/2022 18:11

Where do I put $ in this volatile inflationary environment?

$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ $GameStop(GME.US)$ We’re taught Holding cash is the worst option, and so… I ran into a good amount of cash that I’m hesitating what to do with.

Part of me wants to put a good portion of it in a Inflation Adjusted Bond or ETF that pays a 6-ish% yield to fight inflation. Is there anywhere else people are throwing there money for just the purpose of fighting inflation?

Another part of me wants to invest generally in the market given we’ve had a correction (what’re the reasons I shouldn’t do that , rising interest rates?)

Is there a specific area you’d put a good portion of this money in the market (reits/ BDC’s given strong dividends?, tech as a rebound play?, or just throw in vanguard and forget it?)
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