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Vote Now | Do you vote for the same political party as your parents?

Amani koalawrote a column05/19/2022 10:11
According to a new research by Finder, 1 in 3 Australians (32%) – equivalent to over 6 million people – vote for the same political party as their parents due to holding a similar stance.
It means a staggering number of Australians will be voting for the same political party as their parents in the upcoming election.TrickTrickTrick
17% respondents said voting for the opposite political party has no ramifications within the family, while 4% – equivalent to 777,000 people – admitted voting for a party dissimilar to their parents causes tension.

Finder research found that gen Z (37%) are more likely to vote for the same party as their parents than any other generation.
Millennials are the most unsure generation when it comes to which party they align with (9%) and are more likely to admit that having opposing views causes tension within the family (6%).
According to another survey conducted by Triple J, the majority of respondents (57%) said having different political views to a partner is a deal-breaker.
Mooers, do you vote for the same political party as your parents?ShockedShockedShocked

Source: Finder
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Amani koala
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