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Piggy Bank Trader
commented on a stock05/19/2022 09:41

$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Can someone who is educated explain to me ...

$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Can someone who is educated explain to me the thoughts ”We can hold and they are running out of time”?
Before you reply:
1) HFs are making billions on this crash
2) They didn’t cover at $9
3) They control and sell options to make money to pay short interest
4) You holding does cost you because you are holding dead money that could have produced huge returns here and with the former profits, elsewhere
5) Yes I do hold about 8,000 shares but trade them into the upwards momentum and buy after it drops. I’m not an Ape, but I am a positive share holder.
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  • Ryan Face : because no matter how you spin this synthetic shares are still illegal just because they are HFs does not mean theyre above the law, right is right. This is the true play, fair market for all. Not to mention the SI rate and utilization that has been in the clouds for months along with the insane amounts of FTDs never delivered.  you should be ask yourself why your playing for the wrong team piggy boy....

  • Piggy Bank TraderOP Ryan Face: Synthetic shares are NOT illegal. They are allowed to create them to cover undeliverable shares. Yes they have abused it but there is no defined amount or rule they are bound by.

  • stock psychic Piggy Bank TraderOP: Naked short selling been illegal since 2008 but easy to get around and hide for MMs

  • RennyMc : Do your own DD. If you own that many shares you should probably educate yourself in what you’re investing in.

  • Piggy Bank TraderOP RennyMc: Oh I knew there would be at least one to be as ignorant as yourself.

  • Ryan Face : not since the 08 bubble bud

  • Piggy Bank TraderOP RennyMc: I know what I speak of. I simply asked for an “Intelligent” person to respond. You have nothing but ignorance to spew out of the beasts mouth.
    Yes, I do currently have 8000 shares and I swing them repeatedly for a very nice return last year. I know the game fairly well, always a learner and was trying to learn something new. I see you have nothing but empty words of a stupid Ape.