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commented on a stock05/18 20:13

3 plays for today 5/18

$Redbox Entertainment(RDBX.US)$
New shorts have entered and are going to get your DD and don't be mislead.  chicken noodle soup for the soul is put on hold till end of 2022 so we have months to punish anybody short...liquid is dry on that end. CTB is insane GME like when the whole debacle happened and the run up, they thought by misleading investors of this stock it was getting sold for peanuts to chicken 🍜 I CALL B.S.  Just another way MM, SHFs and Institutions try to take our 💰 but this one will definitely be investigated unless it was some sort of plan by the companies which would be illegal but should get a slap on the wrist like KenDollGriff.
$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
Uptrend continues IMO by shares don't fall for the options game for the 69th time..BUY shares their liquid is drier than sand right now ⌛ We got them against the ropes.
$Archer Aviation(ACHR.US)$
Keep an eye on this's around 4 and getting the meme treatment on those fake stock news sites which I just do opposite what they say..these analyst and research firms can lick the taint..should run a little. @gghk good morning 🌄 my mannnn! when you up and at it can you get me an ortex on these 3? thanks.  GGHK is a smart person and I'm happy to have him as a brother at arms in the front line in AMC.
Plenty of plays where the RSI is coming in hot as well as the MACD pay attention do DD on whatever you invest in, at the end of the day you do what you want with your money. GET THAT MOOLAH!

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