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Jan CPI rose 6.4% vs. 6.2% estimates
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joined discussion05/17/2022 00:39


Inflation is inevitable and CPI cannot always stay the same for generations. It is not only in USA that CPI has increased,  worldwide CPI has also increased as long as economy are doing better and populace are constantly increasing. There are documentary to show that food demand cannot feed the world's population despite deaths and births of people. Consumer Products are always increasing. In Singapore, a bowl of noodles previously cost 20cents in the 1970s now cost $5. That is more than 240% increase in 2022.  As more people want a better life with higher pay, as economy is doing well, more people are buying more goods. CPI and inflation are corelation to one another.
Countries are printing money to beat inflation as CPI are constantly increasing and the debt ratio have not significantly been decreasing. In fact, the debt ratio has been increasing in most countries. How then can we fight inflation? There is no way to stop inflation as long as everyone wants a better pay and a better life which leads to a higher cost of living.  While the Federal Reserve wants to raise interest rates, there needs to have price control measures policies, reducing tarriffs without putting the economy into recession. If Fed Reserve can offer high interest rates, curb demand to stop inflation without impacting the economy into unnecessary recession.
Personally, one of the ways we can do is to pray for wisdom for our government and leaders to run the country well.
As I mentioned before, INVEST CONSERVATIVELY AND DONT LET GREED CONTROL US. Market is too volatile and unpredictable.

Happy Investing :)
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