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commented on a stock05/16/2022 23:18

Shorts is trapped

$Vinco Ventures(BBIG.US)$
if the shorts is trapped they have to gamble with retail mindset , since today is last day for tyde dividends which means 17th-30th may we need to hold in order to entitlement for tyde dividends , in this period of time no volume from retail to buy more shares , who the fck will buy during this period with no dividends, all of us will buy today right? so shorts will try hard make retail to fold , once retail force to folded and shorts do not need to pay for their dividends at the same time they can cover their position. So the only way to force shorts to cover we have to hold until we get our dividends ! make them pay and fck them ! not financial advice, do what you wan with ur money , I have no problem holding bbig future social media leading stock !
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