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wrote a post05/16/2022 15:38

A wild 7 months to say the least

I have learned so much in seven months it's mind blowing, I got to experience...
ATH, LRC craze and a Q6 announcement, January dip, CDC tomfoolery, MIM Being excactly what it's name implies, Around 8 hacks/compromises, NFTs blow up and start to fade, Moon ratio at .88 ish, $Bitcoin(BTC.CC)$ low for the year, Mass panic from rate hikes, $Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ meta and $Netflix(NFLX.US)$ dropping , $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$ The war in Ukraine and how it affected the markets, Safemoon be proven a scam and users still blindly follow, Atleast 5 rugpulls, Solana committing to a 9 to 5, ADA not making anyone money, Tether print billions from thin air, El Salvador buying the dip,
Holy cow. If I'm missing anything feel free to add. It's been one hell of a ride and I can say this right here is entertainment.
$Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$ $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ $Dogecoin(DOGE.CC)$
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