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Felix py
wrote a post05/12/2022 16:15

$Hycroft Mining(HYMC.US)$ someone mentioned in the feed that gold is a...

$Hycroft Mining(HYMC.US)$ someone mentioned in the feed that gold is a hedge. If you are a long here you know I do a lot of DD. and I try to debunk my own theory before I accept it as valid. Gold was and is still a hedge. For now crypto has buckled (but it will rise even stronger!) The reason we are not rallying yet is because the panic button hasn’t been hit. Many expect this is to happen this summer, but no later than October. Experts say that the bull markt starts with a silver and gold mega bull run. The start is marked by gold and silver resetting (dipping) to a low on their charts. That has happened and should happen again (test). So far all is going as expected. We (HYMC) are a junior miner. It means that we have considerable upside to other, already established miner. It’s an advantage. But we all know the downside. And are living it now.
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