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wrote a post05/11/2022 17:59

If you are a long term bull you should love the bears instead of hating them 😁

For a long term investor, the game plan is always buy low and hold. So why should you hate bears and shorties? They are the reason why we can buy at a lower price.
Actually I hope to see a lot more bears in this bear market, so that they can sell and short all the stocks to oblivion. Wouldn't you want to buy shares of the company you trust for $1 or $0.01? I know I want it.
So if they are helping us to short it to $5 to $2 to $1 to $0.01, just say thank you instead of scolding them or yelling at them in the comment section LaughLaugh spread love, not hate!!
To all the short sellers and bears, thank you CheerleadCheerlead and please don't worry, I'm always ready and waiting to buy from you at $0.01 a share. Yeah!Yeah!
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