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Goldman, JPMorgan see buying opportunities after selloff

Analysts Notebookwrote a column05/11/2022 11:14
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Analysts Notebook
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  • RDK79 : Ya think…

  • xierongliang RDK79: lol yea. either that or they be trying to convince retail to put in more money, then f us all over again.

  • Red__Bull : The Morgans seem to have opposite opinions. Blush

  • Analysts NotebookOP Red__Bull: True, we deliberately post all opinions from the market big boys and try to let our readers choose who to follow by themselves. Cause we don't take sides, bro, we deliver.

  • RDK79 Analysts NotebookOP: No argument with that strategy. I just am not a fan of so many so called experts having such differing opinions and recommendations, without past performance credibility being exposed or even expected. It’s like there’s no wrong answer   A great job to have!!!  My jobs were ALWAYS much more accountable with not so good repercussions if I performed poorly.  

  • Hanms : Most of the retail are on money or don’t have money to DCA , so they are trying to lure them to buy their plan. I would stay outside

  • clover4lsy : 这几本上就是押注战争的时间,看谁能猜对Broken

  • ambitious Iguana_940 : I think too

  • ambitious Iguana_940 : What’s up with these people they learning or earning

  • Stuka II RDK79: I got you bud, I got you. But I’d say worth using for reference but verify.

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